Atlantic 03 - Company Profile

Atlantic 03 ltd is now trading in its 16th year. The business has now established an enviable client base throughout Wales and England.

The company has a wealth of experience and technical expertise in the fit-out industry which benefits our clients before, during and after the installation process. Atlantic has a good diversity of staff, offering many services to a large number of clients.

Mission Statement

The company aims to strengthen its position in the fit-out sector and related areas of the construction industry through the diverse provision of products and services of the highest quality and standard, delivered in an efficient and professional manner to its clients.

The company’s objectives are to ensure a return on the client’s initial investment, to conscientiously manage aftercare and to keep maintenance budgets to manageable levels, but not at the expense of the workplace environment.

Atlantic will maintain a highly skilled and motivated workforce, enabling the continued growth of the business by identifying and satisfying the future needs of our clients in an evolving market.

The company benefits from a wide range of skills and expertise in all aspects of fit-out and construction and has gained its vast experience from working within the very demanding fit-out market of the City of London banking environment. This provides atlantic with a unique platform from which we can develop and secure these core objectives.

The Atlantic 03 Corporate Values

The directors of atlantic fully endorse the three main values of the company:

  • Our vocation is to provide the customer with the highest standard of service.
  • Our reputation is founded on our flexible approach to meeting clients’ requirements using a diverse but complimentary range of skills.
  • Our success depends upon the dedication and performance of every member of staff.

Adoption of these core values through its employees will enable the company to achieve the quality of service and products expected by its clients, within the defined time and cost parameters. This, together with the necessary inward re-investment will ensure that the company achieves its objectives in all activities that it undertakes.

We endeavour to cost effectively advise, design, manufacture and deliver the highest quality goods, utilising our ‘client first’ ethos.

Welsh Language

As a Welsh company, atlantic 03 must adhere to the Welsh Language act 1993.

Atlantic 03 holds the belief that the Welsh language is an important part of the national heritage and will seek to support the status of the Welsh language in Welsh business.

We ask that you bear with us  - we are learning.

Fel cwmni o Gymru, rhaid i Atlantic 03 gydymffurfio â Deddf yr Iaith Gymraeg 1993.

Cred Atlantic 03 yw bod y Gymraeg yn rhan bwysig o’r dreftadaeth genedlaethol a byddwn yn ymdrechu i gefnogi statws y Gymraeg yn y byd busnes yng Nghymru.

Gofynnwn i chi fod yn amyneddgar – rydym ni’n dal i ddysgu.

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Where possible we will endeavour to
buy British materials
from British manufacturers and suppliers